Explain why Calvin was expelled from Geneva in 1538 (12)


Explain why Calvin was expelled from Geneva in 1538. (12)

  • Calvin had left Paris after the French authorities began persecuting suspected reformers and took refuge in the Swiss city of Basle
  • on his return to Paris in 1536 Calvin stopped off in Geneva where he was convinced to stay and help organise a reformation by William Farel
  • in 1536 Geneva had already driven out their bishop and the city had agreed to a reformation so it would be Calvin and Farel's job to do this
  • in 1537 Calvin presented 21 Articles and a confession of faith to the Little council
    • the Little Council were made up of 24 members who were elected by the Council of Two Hundred and were elected annually so no one group could dominate the city and acted as governors


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