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Calvinism Key Dates


William Farel and Pierre Viret spread evangelical ideas ­ both friends of Calvin


Berne had undergone reformation ­ Geneva's geographical position meant it was in close proximity
to Berne and Calvin did not have to begin the reformation (Geneva = exposed to Protestant ideas)


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Strong anti-foreign feeling in Geneva
Foreigners made up 1/3 of the Genevan population


Ameaux (a respected councillor) suggested that Calvin taught untrue doctrine ­ Calvin demanded
that he Ameaux walk through the streets carrying a taper and asking for Calvin's and God's mercy
(brutal humiliation) ­ council wanted a…

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French immigrants to the city led to increased support allowed him triumph in Council elections in
Calvinism grew strongly in France and congregations were set up in many parts (1,750 congregations
compromising about 10% of the population)


80 final chapters of the Ecclesiastical Ordinances
Genevan Academy founded…

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1,000 pupils attending the boys' grammar school and 300 pupils attending the university in the
Genevan Academy

Later 1560s:

Influences were greatly in the Netherlands ­ increased when sections of the nobility adopted
Calvinism to give a religious reason for their political opposition to Spanish rule


Calvinism remained a…


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