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Key dates questions!
1) In what year was Erasmus's Adages published? 1500
2) What year was Erasmus's Handbook of a Christian soldier written and published?
3) The Great Schism was an event that first caused anti-papal feeling, but what year
when was it? 1309-1417
4) How many separate units…

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29) How many hymns did Luther write? Over 20
30) How many copies of Luthers sermons are there? 3,000
31) How much land did the church own? 30%
32) When was the Peasants war? 1524-5
33) When was the knights war? 1522-3
34) What years was Charles V absent? 1521-29…

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67) What year was calvin brought in front of the Council for making rude comments
about magistrates? 1548
68) What year did Jerome Bolsec deny double predestination? 1551
69) What year did Sebastian Castellio claim the song of songs was erotic? 1542
70) How many excommunications were there in 1553?…

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100) What did this council decide on? The discipline of the church
101) How many bishops attended the third council? 255. They represented the whole
of Catholic Europe
102) How old did priests have to be before ordination? 23
103) There was a focus on education. How many seminaries where…


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