European History AS Level

Questions about key dates with answers! Useful if you get someone else to test you!

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Key dates questions!
1) In what year was Erasmus's Adages published? 1500
2) What year was Erasmus's Handbook of a Christian soldier written and published?
3) The Great Schism was an event that first caused anti-papal feeling, but what year
when was it? 1309-1417
4) How many separate units did the Holy Roman Empire consist of? 300
5) How many imperial cities were there? 65
6) How many relics did Frederick the Wise collect? When did he die? 17,000. 1525
7) In what year was the Oratory of Divine love formed? 1517
8) How many members did the Roman Oratory have? 50
9) In what year were the Capuchins formed? 1528. 1538 (women one)
10) By 1550 how many members did the Capuchins have? And in 1640? 2,500. 30,000
11) In 1535 what new order was formed? How many members where there in 1750 in
France? The Ursulines
12) In what year could you buy an indulgence for a friend or relative in purgatory? 1476
13) In what year was the building of the new St Peters Basilica started with money from
Indulgences? 1506
14) What year did indulgences start to be sold? What year did Tetzel start selling them?
Start in 1514. Tetzel 1517
15) When were the 95 Theses put on the Church door of Wittenburg? October 31st 1517
16) What did James Attkinson say about Luthers Theses? They were rather disorganised
but the tone was concise and caught the publics imagination
17) What did Thesis 21 say? The preachers are wrong who say that the indulgence can
forgive any sin
18) What did Thesis 81 say? Why doesn't the pope pay for everyone's sins to be forgiven
out of holy love?
19) What year did Luther publish his three most famous works? 1520
20) What year was the meeting of Augsburg? 1518
21) What year was the Leipzig debate? 1519
22) What did Zwingli say about Luther and Erasmus? Erasmus laid the egg that Luther
23) What happened on the 10th December 1519? Students at Wittenberg burned anti-
Lutheran books. Luther burned a copy of the papal bull (symbolic of the pope)
24) When was the Diet of Worms? 1521
25) How long was Luther kept at Wartburg castle? 10 months
26) In what year did Philip Melanchthon produce the Loci communes? 1521
27) John Bugenhagen established schools where? (two places) Lubeck. Hamburg
28) By what year had friends of Luther spread the word of Lutheranism to other German
cities and founded schools to secure the young for the new faith? 1524

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How many hymns did Luther write? Over 20
30) How many copies of Luthers sermons are there? 3,000
31) How much land did the church own? 30%
32) When was the Peasants war? 1524-5
33) When was the knights war? 1522-3
34) What years was Charles V absent? 1521-29
35) What year was the revolt in Spain? 1522
36) What year was the revolt in the Netherlands? 1541
37) By what year was Charles V in colossal debt? 1555
38) When were pamphlets most influencial?…read more

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What year was calvin brought in front of the Council for making rude comments
about magistrates? 1548
68) What year did Jerome Bolsec deny double predestination? 1551
69) What year did Sebastian Castellio claim the song of songs was erotic? 1542
70) How many excommunications were there in 1553? 1560? 16, 100
71) What year did followers of the Swiss Brethren desecrate churches? 1524
72) What month and year did Anabaptist missionaries take over from Lutheran leaders in
Munster? Jan 1534
73) What year and…read more

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What did this council decide on? The discipline of the church
101) How many bishops attended the third council? 255. They represented the whole
of Catholic Europe
102) How old did priests have to be before ordination? 23
103) There was a focus on education.…read more


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