Explain the Christian belief of the after life

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Explain the Christian belief of the after life

 The afterlife is a key concept in the Christian belief as it is what all Christians strive towards as it is supposed that it is here where God will reveal himself. This has been proved to be guaranteed in the Bible thanks to Jesus’ resurrection that is taken by Christians to be evidence that the same will happen to the rest of us. It is in Paul’s letter to Corinthians that it is clearly states that there is absolute certainty of life after death, thus it is worth the struggle against persecution from defending the Christian faith.

From this belief there is a perception that the afterlife will contain a form of judgement that will determine whether you will go to heaven or hell which is entirely depended on the deeds you have done in this life and you cannot pay your way into heaven. The way this works is that your soul is judged as it has that spiritual capacity to develop a relationship with God.

The perception of heaven states that it is where believers will see God face to face which will result in a state of fulfilment as all believers aim to get there.


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