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Life after death
Religion preaches that death is a stage we will pass
Paul's letter to Corinthians= absolute certainty of life after death= worthwhile
struggle against persecution
Reincarnation of Jesus= certain for Christians
Islam: life is preparation for after life judged bodies resurrected=
Many lives on earth
Reborn to…

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Inner mental life is more important: body is constantly changing so needs to
be guided by an unchanging soul
Reason charioteer & guide horses emotions and appetite
Memory= soul's experience in world of Forms
Socrates didn't fail his mission of educating people as the soul lives on
Life/death are opposites…

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Western belief in reincarnation
Pythagoras: Memories of past life gain wisdom and virtue through our lives
Benjamin Franklin and others say that they have lives another life and will
return to the world to live another life.

Is there any evidence for reincarnation?
`Twenty cases suggestive of reincarnation' by Stevenson…

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Advocates pluralist= understanding of truth of religion
Body & soul inseparable= resurrection
God creates a replica of individual in another world= omnipotence same
identity different form
Afterlife= soul making
Not conditional on accepting the doctrines of any particular religion

Resurrection in Islam
Ala khirah
Doubts= unbeliever
Earthly life is…

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Christian understanding of the soul
Personhood= soul that differentiates us from all creations
Soul judged after death sinned= separated/ prospered= turned to Jesus
Soul has spiritual capacity to develop relationship with God
Creationism: God creates each individual soul every time a new baby is born
Traducianism: Soul inherited from parents…


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