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`The concept of the resurrection of the body is incoherent'

The concept of the resurrection of the body can be argued to be incoherent using Locke's
analogy of cobbler and prince. This portrays the idea that the prince is resurrected into a
cobbler and it questions issue of person identity.…

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Moreover, there is no universal definition of the soul which will cause an issue with this
distinction between the body and soul, particularly with religions which have many
different views about the soul. For example, Buddhism argues that the soul is based on
illusion whereas Hinduism believes that the soul…

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bigger change of being able to enter heaven. This is a place where there is only happiness,
no sorrow or sadness. However, if you are unable to get into heaven straight away you still
have a chance to enter as Roman Catholic Church states that there is a place called…


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