Life after death - Hinduism/Buddhism

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  • Life after Death- Hinduism/Buddhism
    • Hinduism and re-birth
      • Contrasts to Christianity's belief in resurrection
      • Soul is eternal and is reborn in new bodies.- Dualistic
      • New body is dependant on the actions of the body and soul in the previous life.
      • Good actions- high status in the next life.
      • physical world is not reality
      • Soul animates the body.
      • Soul reflects Karma.
    • Reincarnation
      • Soul eternal - Atman
      • rebirth into new bodies- depends on previous life- can go higher or lower
      • Soul animates the body.
      • Karma
      • Aim of reincarnation is to break the cycle of rebirth and be released to be reunited with God- MOKSHA
      • Swinburne rejects reincarnation
      • Davis- reincarnation explains the problem of evil
    • Rebcoming
      • No Atman
      • Nothing passed on from this life to the next.
      • people are constantly changing
      • belief in Karma
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