Explain how the principles of Kantian ethics might be applied to euthanasia

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Kantian ethics is a deontoligcal theory meaning that actions must be jugded within themselves. With this in mind we can argue that euthanasia is either morally correct or wrong just based on this action and none of the consequences that follow on from euthanasia.

Kant argued that we must use our reason to figure out whether euthanasia is morally right or wrong. Some people who ask for euthanasia are not always in a stable state of mind due to the pain that is being inflicted on them therefore they are not able to make an informed decision with their reason so if they are considering euthanasia they are not really thinking straight as euthanasia is wrong. Secondly, as Kant agrees…




Good answer Lottie, this isvery helpful :)

In exam, to gain full marks present examples to fully explain how Kant would approach a certain scenario based on his ethical theories

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