Essex saltmarshes, blackwater estuary. Managed realignment.


The sea walls were in need of repair and the essex wildlife trust wanted to consider a more sustainable approach that would take sea levels rising into account. Due to sea levels rising by 30cm each century, 60% of the salt marsh had been lost in the last 25 years.

So the essex wildlife trust bought Abbots farm, (the area next to the blackwater estuary)which is an incredibly large area of land. They then breached 3,5 kilometres of sea walls, flooding the farmland to create new saltmarshes. 200 acres of intertidal saltmarshes were created. High spring tides bought seeds from the original saltmarsh onto the new site which created pioneers.

SOCIAL ADVANTAGES Tourist interest has created job opportunities and the area now has special educational importance.

ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES There are no direct costs apart…


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