ESSAY: Describe the influence of biological factors on gender (12)

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This was given to me by one of the examiners, Ali who helped write the purple revision book. All of this is correct and will give you 12 marks.

AO1 describe:

  • Gender behaviour is determined by genes through the chromosomes in the egg and sperm.
  • The egg contains the X cromosome and the sperm comtains either X or Y chromosome.
  • If the sperm contains the X chromosome it will be a girl but if it contains the Y chromosome it will be a boy.
  • All the foetuses will develop into females UNLESS there is a Y chromosome.
  • The Y chromosome will cause the male foetus to develop testes at around 7 weeks.
  • In a female other genes cause the foetus  develop overies.
  • Gender behaviour is also determined by hormones with testoterone influencing male bahaviour and estrogen influencing female behaviour.

AO2 Evaluate:

  • Males are…




A great essay, thank you!

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