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Biological Approach ­ Specification ­ Edexcel AS Psych

1a) Define the biological approach showing understanding that it is about the
influence and impact of genes and the nervous system on individual differences.
The biological approach combines biology and psychology to provide
physiological explanations for gender. It focuses on two main…

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Alternatively we can look at adopted children, to study whether behavioural
traits are the result of nature or nurture. Adoptive children share no genes
with their adoptive children but do share the same environment, and share
50% genes with biological parent but not the same environment. This means
that common…

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dependent variable (DV) and independent variable (IV) in experiments
the use of control groups
experimental procedures including allocating groups to conditions (eg
randomising) and sampling
levels of measurement.
2d) Describe and evaluate, including strengths and weaknesses, the use of animals
in laboratory experiments in the biological approach.
In psychological research,…

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2f) Evaluate the use of laboratory experiments in terms of validity, reliability and
Lab experiments are standardised and this means they will have a higher
reliability than other experiments. They are also are conducted in artificial
environments, leading to a lack of ecological validity and a potential lack of…

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behaviour and personality, such as accent, the way we speak or the way we

22/23 of our chromosome pairs determine physical appearance. The final pair
determines our gender; in females this pair of chromosomes is XX, in males it
is XY. A Y chromosome must be present for a…

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Brain damage, such as that caused by a stroke, only affects one hemisphere of
the brain. In most cases, this would be more detrimental to males than females;
as in females the unaffected area may be able to take over. For example, in
males the right side of the brain…

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The study of David Reimer however, contradicts the results of the Daphne
Went case study. He supports the argument that biological factors significantly
influence our gender development. As after an unsuccessful attempt to turn a
male into a female, he reverted to being a male again, due to his pronounced…

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suggest that gender isn't because of biological roles, but rather the way we are
raised and brought up ­ supporting both the nurture and nature sides of the
nature-nurture debate.

4a) Describe and evaluate two studies relating to the Biological Approach. One
must be Money J (1975) Ablatio penis: normal…

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successive interviews with the twins he reported that `Brenda' had adapted to
the role of female and stated that this was consistent with his theory.

However `Brenda' was considered by everyone who knew her to be a tomboy
who liked to play with her brother's toys and enjoyed aggressive play.…

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Numerous ethical issues surround this case study. The twins were allegedly
encouraged to pose naked in sexual positions which they said was degrading
Being involved in the case study was alleged to have been a factor in the
mental break down of Brian Reimer, and the later suicide of David.…




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