Equine Anatomy and Physiology: Practical Lower Limb dissection

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Practical: Lower limb dissection 

  • Class: MAMMALIA

  • Order: Perissodactyla

  • Family: EQUIDAE


  • The lower leg is one of the main adaptations of family EQUIDAE

  • Walking on a single toe (unguligrade) requires specialized anatomy

  • A disadvantage of unguligrade = any damage to any structure of lower limb will result in lameness

  • Some of the primary structures prone to injury & pathology:

  •  Digital flexor tendons

  • Lamellae

  • Distal sesamoid bone (navicular)


  • Scissors

  • Scalpel

  • Probe

  • forceps/tweezers

  1. Removal of skin

  • Note protective nature of thickness of the skin

  • Using a scalpel, make incisions along the median line of the palmer/planter side of the limb.

  • Make a circular incision


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