Entry into Jerusalem and the Last Supper - Meaning

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Entry into Jerusalem

  • Jesus come with his disciples to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover.
  • Jesus tell two disciples to fetch a colt
  • Jesus rides the colt (with cloaks on it) into Jerusalem.
  • People carpet the road with branches (palms) and shout "Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!"

Significance of Story

It was normal to only enter Jerusalem on foot - only kings rode into the city as a sign of triumph or conquest. So Jesus is making a statement about being a king. However, he rides on a colt (a donkey), not a horse, showing his humility. He is revealing the Messianic Secret. He is the Messiah but he comes in humility and peace (as shown by the fact he is riding just a colt).

Hosanna means Save us. So, people were suggesting that Jesus was coming to free them and save them and that he was descended from King David (because people thought the son of David…


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