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Beliefs and sources of Authority

Explain why Peter and the Pope are important to Roman Catholic

  • Peter was annointed by Jesus as the foundation of the Church. He was with Jesus throughout his ministry and so was present at key moments in the gospel story. He died for his faith and it was peter who recognised Jesus as the Messiah
  • The Pope is the successor to Peter and the head of the church.  He The Pope continues to be the solid foundation of the Church upon which the of the whole community can rely. When he speaks ex cathedral he is infallible 

Apostles creed

  • It is a public declaration of their faith. It is a summary of Christian beliefs. It is a guard against here say and a guide to faith.

What is the Our Father

  • It was given by Jesus in a response to how to pray. It builds up a relationship with God and it united all believers.

What is the role of the Bishops and why are they important

  • They are in the magisterium which is the teaching authority of the church  and the Bishops guide the Pope. They are also the successor to the Apostles and continue in their line. They also ordain priests and celebrate the sacrament of confirmation 

Bible was written so long ago that it's teachings are out of date? Yes or no

  • The Bible was written 2000 years ago and is irrelevant to modern times. There are new issues today such as drugs, environment and computers. Science has taken place of religion.
  • Christians can receive support from this bible to fave thw challenges and problems of everyday life. It is a way of praying and can help with meditation. It can also help forgiveness
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Importance of the Eucharist for Catholic

  • Receiving the actual body of Jesus. It is so people will feel closer to God. It may also inspire them to be better Christians. It helps them weekly celebrate the life death and resurrection of Jesus. It reenact the last supper and helps us remember and respect what Jesus did for us.

How do catholics receive the eucharist?

  • Congregation come out of their seats and in lines approach the altar. Priest or eucharist minister takes bread between thumb and forefinger and holds the bread up in front of the communicant amd says the "body of Christ" communicants response is "Amen"

What are other names for the eucharist and what do they mean?

  • Holy communion focuses on the idea of eating together. The name is used by Roman Catholics to refer to the moment of receiving the bread and wine. However it is also used by Anglicans to refer to the whole service in which the ritual takes place.
  • The Lord's supper- focuses on the fact that when Christians share the bread and wine they are repeating what Jesus did at the last supper 
  • Breaking of the Bread- usually used by the early Christians to describe the ceremony and sometimes as a code name for the shared meal.
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Sacraments of Initiation- Baptism

  • The child, parents and Godparents are welcomed into the church by the priest.
  • They are asked why they have brought the child to he church. The sign of the cross is made on the child's forehead by the priest parent and god parents.
  • The Child is annointed with oil of cathechuems.
  • The parents and god parent make their confessions of faith and reject Satan they also say the creed on behalf of the child
  • The child is then immersed in water three times. " I baptise you...
  • They are then annointed with Chrism amd clothed in a white garment
  • William said Colleen called immigrants *** wipes.
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Sacraments of Initiation- Confirmation

  • The rite usually tales place during a mass
  • After the gospel reading the candidates renew their baptismal vows
  • The Bishop of does the laying on of hands and calls down the holy spirit 
  • The candidates then approach the Bishop with their sponsor who will place their hand on the candidates shoulder. The Bishop puts his hand on the candidates head and say " name be sealed with the gifts of the holy spirit. The Bishop then exchanges a sign of peace 

Bernie lifted Aaron's holy statues

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Sacraments of Initiation- Baptism and confirmation

  • Baptism is important- The child is Brought into the Christian family locally and global. It has been a tradition for many years t baptise babies as the child is brought into the family of God at an early age. It is a public sign that the child will be Brought up in the Christian in environment. It is also a sign of commitment of the parents/godparents to the child. It is also to protect the child against evil, if it does if will go to heaven. Cleanse from original sin
  • Confirmation is important because it is an opportunity to declare personal commitment to God in a public setting. It shows that you have chosen to live according to the teachings of Christ
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  • Both are sacraments of Initiation 
  • Receive the love and Grace of GOD in both
  • Both involve a sponsor 
  • Oil of Chrism is used in both
  • Baptismal promises are renewed
  • A candle is used in both occasions
  • Sign of the cross is used
  • Rites of passage.
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Orthodox internal features.

  • The iconstatis- this is a screen covered in icons that goes.across the whole width of the church. The screen represent the division between heaven and earth
  • Behind the screen is the sanctuary, which contains the altar which is called the royal throne or holy table. What is done at the altar is done away from the holy people because it is so holy.
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Pilgrimage is a spiritual journey taken to a holy place for religious reasons it is and opportunity for people to focus on their journey to God

Why- as an act of prayer and devotion- to help strengthen their faith 

Lourdes- SW of france- take part in candlelit processions - take part of the stations of the cross- light candles at grotto - many bathe in tje wayer from the spring- visit the home of bernadette.

Holy Land- is the place where Jesus was born and raised, where he taught and where he died . Can go to bethlehem- The sea of Galileo-Jerusalem

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Lent worship- pray both privately and publicly/fasting/acts of self denial/ giving money to the poor/ giving up something they enjoy/ attending church more regularly

Importance of Lent- gives us greater awareness of their need for God. Awareness of vulnerability- recognition of the needs of others.

Ash Wednesday- marked on the forehead with the sign of the cross/ thee sign is made of ash which has been made from the previous years palm crosses/ ashes are a sign of turning from sin and repetence and believing the gospel/ church requires fasting and abstinence 

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Palm Sunday-  celebrate their beliefs- Jesus final entry Jerusalem- his humility by riding a donkey- he came in peace - Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of the Messiah - people treated Jesus like the Messiah.

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Why people use rosary beads- the reptitivie prayer helps focus the mind- helps to avoid distraction- it was recommend by various a pear ancestors of Mary and the pope- helps you think about different event in Jesus' life 

Private worship - an individual one to one relationship with God- giving your own private time to God- personally giving your time to god- no distractions- can be spontaneous

Public worship- when Christians come together to worship God

Meditation- it is an attempt to focus ones thought on God- it gets rid of distractions- able to open up our heart to god- form of prayer

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