Energy Sources for Physical Performance (Chapter 1)

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Sources of Nutrients (Fuels):


  • Are used for long duration events at low intensity
  • They release more energy that carbohydrates however they are more dificult to breakdown (require more oxygen)
  • They are broken down through Aerobic lipolysis


  • Are used for short duration events at high intensity
  • When the stores are depleted it is known as hitting the wall
  • They can be broken down through either Aerobic or Anaerobic glycolysis


  • They are primarily used for growth and repair
  • These are rarely used. Extreme cases only (Starvation)

Energy Systems:

The ATP-CP System:

  • Last for short duration (0-10sec)
  • 50% is restored in around 30sec
  • 100% is restored in around 3min
  • Works without oxygen (anaerobically)
  • There are no by-products

Latic Acid System:

  • Short term (10sec - 2min)
  • By-product is lactic acid
  • Works without oxygen (anaerobically)
  • Occurs at a high intensity
  • fuel = glycogen

Aerobic System:

  • With oxygen (aerobically)
  • There are no by-products
  • Uses…


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