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By Hayley Bull…read more

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TB- Tuberculosis is a bacterial illness that is
caused by inhaling saliva from couching or
sneezes form an infected person
Correlation- one thing causes another
Asphyxia- insufficient or no oxygen and carbon
dioxide are exchanged…read more

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What is pneumonia?
Pneumonia is a irritation in the lungs. It can be caused by a
lack of gravity that is helping the body to get rid of foreign
The people who are mainly at risk are people in a hospital
bed because of the lack of mobility the have, this is mainly
old people because of other causes.
According to the British Lung foundation there is a
correlation between smokers and pneumonia as they are
more at risk from this illness, most chest infections are
common in children with parents who smoke.…read more

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· Sudden high fever
· Breathing difficulties
· Sharp stabbing chest pains
· Muscle pain
· Diarrhoea
· Nausea
· Confusion
· Can cause Death by Asphyxia
· Coughing up blood (TB also has this symptom but
are not the same type of lung illness)…read more

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Pneumonia statistics
Pneumonia is the second biggest killer for
children under fives (Global). As the pie chart
below shows.…read more

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Pneumonia statistics- the top nine high
killers in the world
Medical name Known name Percentage of deaths it
Ischemic heart disease Heart attack 12.6
Please Cerebrovascular Coronary heart disease 9.7
note this disease or Angina
is only Lower respiratory pneumonia 6.8
the top problems
nine so HIV/ AIDS HIV/AIDS 4.9
will not Chronic obstructive Bronchitis 4.8
add up to pulmonary disease
Diarrheal diseases Diarrhoea 3.2
Tuberculosis TB 2.7
Malaria Malaria 2.2
Cancer of the trachea, Tracheotomy 2.2
lungs, bronchus…read more

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