2012 olympics presentation

2012 olympics presentation

Please please feedback on this slide show on what you liked and what i could improve on

this presentation was a progress reveiw task and is ment to be shown in tutorial on tuesday (tuesday 3rd november 2010)

thank you

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The history of the
Olympic games.
1912- Sweden The Olympic games started in Greece
1916- cancelled in about 776BC. The Greeks made
1920- Belgium
1924- Paris temples and statues dedicated to Zeus,
1928- Holland the supreme amongst all gods. When
1932- Los Angeles, USA
1938- Germany
the Olympics first started the 200 yard
1942- cancelled sprint was the only Olympic event.
1946- cancelled
1948- London
1952- Finland
1956- Australia
1960- Rome, Italy
1964- Tokyo, Japan
1968- Mexico
1976- Canada
1980- Moscow
1984- Los Angeles, USA
1988- south Korea
1992- Spain
1996- Atlanta
2000- Australia
2004- Athens, Greece
2008- Beijing, china
2012- London, England…read more

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I'm also interested in triple jump
even though it's not a sport I
compete in.
I want to watch it because I went to
school with Bradley pike (who was
in my year) who is competing in the
2012 Olympics for england.…read more

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