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Student's comments
Identify strengths and weakness and areas where improvement could be made next time.
I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own.
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There are three different energy systems, which the body uses when completing different
exercises. The energy system used depends on:
The type of activity
The speed it's completed
Level of the sport
Persons fitness levels
The duration of training and the intensity
The time of training
The body's energy comes from our food. The diagram below shows where ATP comes
The graph below shows when each of the systems is used.…read more

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There are two types of energy systems, Aerobic which uses oxygen and anaerobic which
uses no oxygen but has a series of chemical reactions to create the energy from food the
body has taken in for the two different types.
Glucose + oxygen= energy + carbon dioxide + water
The aerobic system provides an unlimited source of energy and should be between 60 85%
Maximum Heart Rate.…read more

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Exercise Calories per hour (approx)
Running 700+
Swimming 500+
Rowing 550+
This type of exercise can work more than one group of muscles, through different types of training
and exercises. The only waste products are water and carbon dioxide. The reactions are slow
because it requires oxygen and is used at a low or moderate intensity that will last longer than five
minutes.…read more

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Some of the physical activities may include a one hundred metre sprint, jumps, skipping and a one
hundred metre swim with world class swimmers is also anaerobic exercise because th. It can also be
used in some team games including netball (passing) and football (shooting). This type of energy
does not use any oxygen but uses lactic acid instead because of the lack of oxygen. Lactic acid has
to be removed as it can cause fatigue.…read more

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Vertical Jump ATC/PC Because it is a very Quick
50m sprint Lactic acid It lasts less than 60 seconds.
400m run Aerobic 400m run requires the
Aerobic system, this is
because the build up of lactic
acid would become too great
and so would the oxygen debt
Ski squat Aerobic This uses the aerobic system,
because the individual would
be holding this position for a
long time and it may last
longer than 90 seconds.…read more

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Sources/ References
www.biology4kids.com/files/cell_mito.…read more


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