Energy Security

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  • energy - is what the world needs to 'fuel' everything, from transport to industry, to food supply and heat in our homes
  • energy security- is the extent to which a country can achieve reliable and affordable a stable energy supply
  • non-renweable sources- can't be replaced once they have been used e.g. fossil fuels- coal
  • renewable sources- resources that are natural e.g. solar and wind
  • recyclable sources- resources that can be re-used e.g. Nuclear and biofuels

Why does access vary around the world?

the sources of renewable and on renewable energy are not evenly distributed some countries are much better distributed than some

the technology needed to exploit energy sources is not equally available- MEDC's compared to LEDC's

Demand for energy

it is economic development and rising standards of living  that lie behind the increase in the global demand for energy. Between 2010 and 2030 global demand is expected to grow by nearly 50%

there are 2 distinct global distributions- energy supply and energy demand.

The energy rich countries have energy surplus e.g. Saudi Arabia

The energy poor countries where energy poverty means demand far exceeds internal sources of energy e.g UK

The energy neutral countries where demand and supply are equally balanced e.g Brazil

Energy Insecurity

  • power of major players in controlling energy supply
  • need accessible and more costly energy resources
  • rising demand for energy out ********* supply

Energy pathways:

are routes along which energy sources are transported from producer to consumervital for the global economy
most of the pathways fan out from energy nodes which are major sources of primary energy located in energy rich countries such as the oilfields in the Middle East. most of


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