Future energy uncertainties

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  • Future energy uncertainties
    • Scale of global population growth
      • Increasing insecurity - 9 billion by 2050?
    • Size of undiscovered oil and gas reserves
      • Controversial and very insecure - caused the Iraq war
    • Discovery of new energy technologies (the radicals)
      • Could increase security if exploited
    • The scale of the possible switch to renewable energies
      • Currently low scale switch to renewable energy. Increasing switch could increase security but  less reliable
    • Possible contribution of unconventional sources
      • E.g. Shale gas in the UK, Alaska ANWR
      • Could increase energy security as more exploitation
    • Emergent economies energy demands
      • Over 70% of primary energy demand will come from developing countries by 2030.
    • Impact of rising living standards
      • Increases energy use, increasing insecurity


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