Elizabeth Proctor, The Crucible, Timeline

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Elizabeth Proctor- Timeline:

1) The Proctors are having dinner in their own house. Elizabeth tells him that the town has gone crazy, and already, fourteen people have been arrested as witches.

2) Elizabeth urges Proctor to go into the town to tell them that Abigail William's visions are a fraud.

3) Elizabeth becomes upset when she learns that Abby told him about it when the two of them were alone. Although she claims she isn't judging him, she is frustrated and upset by this.

4) Mary Warren returns home and tells the Proctors about the day's events. She gives Goody Proctor a poppet she made for her in court, and then tells them that she saved Elizabeth's life today when her name got mentioned in court.

5) When Mary leaves the couple, Elizabeth comments on how she has always suspected that her husband's affair would lead to nasty consequences. Again, she urges her husband to talk to Abby, and break the unspoken promise he made to her when they were…


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