The Crucible Act 1 Characters

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  • Crucible Act 1 Characters
    • Parris
      • First seen praying obviously.
        • Cares only for himself/his saftey
      • Constant mention of enemies
        • Paranoid + self-centered
        • Status is important in Salem.
    • Abigail Williams
      • First seems concerned for Betty
        • Good actress.
      • Gets aggressive easily.
        • Status is important.
        • Intimidating, ruthless.
      • Grudge against Elizabeth Proctor
    • John Proctor
      • Respected but has a secret.
        • Had affair with Abby.
          • Abby wants to pursue, Proctor unwilling.
        • Secrets in Salem.
    • Tituba
      • She is blamed for the illness of Betty.
        • She is foreign making her an easy scapegoat.
        • She sticks out from the rest of the community.
      • Is considered lesser to Parris.
        • Shows how closed Salem was to outsiders.
    • The Girls
      • Dont stand up to Abby.
        • Easy to control through fear.
    • Mrs Put'm
      • Quick to believe in witches.
        • Salem is superstitious
      • Lost nuumerous children, wants to blame someone.
    • Hale
      • An educated man
        • Confident, authority,
        • Authority means superstition.
      • People listen to him.
        • Turns to witches.




This was useful thank you :)

Paul Dutton


A good, colourful guide to the characters featured in Act 1.  Really useful for quick revision.

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