The Crucible Act 2 Characters

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  • The Crucible Act 2 'Characters'
    • Abigail Williams
      • Stabbed herself so to accuse Elizabeth.
        • Ruthless, dangerous, uncontrollable.
        • In control of court.
        • As an innocent child, all she says is truth.
      • Scares Girls into submission
        • Fear grips Salem and prevents justice.
        • Turns n Mary to control her.
    • John Proctor
      • Trying to repair relationship with Elizabeth.
      • Tortured by guilt of his sin.
        • Can't admit it occurred.
      • Wants Mary to stop hangings.
    • Reverend Hale
      • Starting to doubt the court.
        • Sees unfairness in justice system.
      • Bases evidence of witchcraft on knowledge of Christianity.
        • No solid evidence needed to kill.
    • Elizabeth Proctor
      • Broken relationship with John.
      • Suffers from depression.
      • Has little confidence in herself.
        • Constantly suspicious of cheating.
      • Encourages John to confess.
        • Wise
      • Known to never lie.
        • Innocent, ideal Puritan.
    • Giles Corey
      • Small complaint against wife results in her arrest.
        • Salem getting hysterical
        • Can't trust anyone.
        • No evidence needed.
    • Mary Warren
      • Feels guilty of lying.
        • Too scared of Abby to act.
          • Results in Proctor's arrest.
      • Half believes she's possessed.
        • Gets carried away.
    • Ezekeil Cheever
      • Member of court.
      • Does what he's told.
        • Arrests Elizabeth.


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