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Here is another essay I wrote, as practise for section A for the English Literature Exam. This is another A graded answer, which you could use as a guide.

See the link below for  another example of A graded essay answer :)

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Miller presents Proctor as an honest man who carries "great weight in town", implying that the
townspeople regard him well and respect him. It could also be suggesting that they think of good him
and would not be pleased to see him being hanged. As well as this, people from out of town such as
Mr Hale already "believe him" even though they do not know each other well, indicating Proctor has
a very strong impact.
However, Proctor's relationship with Abigail makes us the readers perceive him differently. Miller
portrays Proctor as a "sinner" because he had an affair with Abigail. Although, this ruins the good
reputation he once had, unlike other characters in the play, Proctor stands up to Abigail. Despite,
Abigail "feverishly looking into his eyes", he confirms to her this relationship is over as he calls her a
"whore". This connotes that Proctor clearly is not fond of her anymore and he has also lost any
respect he had for. Proctor even goes to the extent of "cut off my hand before" he reaches her
again clarifying the hatred he has for her. This could be conveying that Proctor has realised his
mistake so he redeems himself by ending this relationship.
Moreover, the relationship between Proctor and Abigail also damages the original love Elizabeth and
John had because Elizabeth feels John is "not open"; corroborating that she is suspicious of Proctor's
actions. It could also be hinting that she doesn't trust Proctor as she feels he still lies.
On the other hand, as the novel continues Miller depicts another dimension of the love between John
and Elizabeth. Despite John's affair and the conflicts caused, John rebuilds the relationship. At the end
he says, "That goodness will not die for me" i.e. he is referring to Elizabeth. This highlights that
Proctor values Elizabeth higher than him and clearly still blames himself for his affair. This could be
emphasising that despite all the sins John commits, Miller could be hinting that he still is a good
honest man as he turns a new leaf and redeems what he loses.
Another element of Proctor, we as readers perceive is when Miller portrays the relationship with
Proctor and Parris. In the play, it is clearly revealed that Proctor doesn't think high of Parris, hence
why he never attends any sermons at Church. Proctor strongly believes Parris "hardly ever mention
God anymore", highlighting that Proctor feels Parris is a bad Reverend, so he doesn't go to Church as
he feels the sermon are not related to God. Miller clearly, illustrates an unstable relationship
between these two characters as both do not like each other because Proctor doesn't think high of
Ultimately, Miller's presentation of Proctor makes us illustrate him as a trustworthy, honest and
loving man. Despite him being a "sinner" at the beginning because of his affair, Proctor is a clear hero
as he recovers each mistake he makes. At the end of the play, Proctor is the hero as he himself "see
a shred of goodness in John Proctor" emphasising that Proctor thought himself of a bad person, but
now he is slightly happy with his life by not confessing but straying true.


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