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  • Paris found the girls dancing in the wood, Betty is unconscious, Paris argues with Abigail about dancing in the woods (6-9)
  • Mr and Mrs Putnam think it's witchcraft because Ruth is the same (10-13)
  • Abigail is violent to Betty when she confronts her about drinking blood (15)
  • Abigail and Proctor converse and argue about affair (16-19)
  • Paris, Giles, Proctor and Putnam argue about money and church (23-26)
  • Hale gets background knowledge on what has happened (30-31)
  • Giles tells Hale about his wife reading strange books (32)
  • Hale arrives and Abigail blames Tituba for calling the devil (35-39)
  • Tituba, Abigail and Betty confess names of people with the devil (39-40)
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  • Elizabeth has dinner with Proctor - they talk about their days etc (41-42)
  • Proctor tells Elizabeth about witch trials and that its all fake (43)
  • They argue about Johns affair with Abigail and unforgiveness (44-46)
  • Mary comes home to tell them about the court, she says about Elizabeth being convicted and John gets angry (46-49)
  • Hale arrives and questions Proctor and Elizabeth on how religious they are, Proctor forgets adultery as a commandment, Elizabeth says she doesn't believe in witches (52-57)
  • Giles says that Rebecca has been convicted (58)
  • Cheever searches for the popet, finds it and Elizabeth is taken (59-63)
  • Proctor tells Mary she must turn against the girls in court to save Elizabeth (65-66)
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  • Danforth is doing Martha Coreys trial and Giles Corey is objecting, saying it is lies (67-70)
  • Proctor and Mary come to tell the truth (71-73)
  • Danforth tells Proctor that his wife is pregnant (73-74)
  • Giles is arrested for contempt of court (77-78)
  • Danforth questions Abigail and Mary, Mary can not faint when asked to (81-87)
  • Abigail and girls pretend that Mary is casting a spell to make them cold (87-88)
  • Proctor confesses the affair but Abigail denies it (88-90)
  • Elizabeth is questioned whether this is true, she tries to protect John by denying it (90-91)
  • Abigail and girls pretend Mary has sent her spirit out (92-94)
  • Mary confesses to seeing the devil (94-96)
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  • Paris tells Danforth that Abigail and Mercy have disappeared (100-101)
  • Elizabeth and Proctor are asked to meet (107-111)
  • Proctor confesses (112-113)
  • Proctor signs his name on the testimony but refuses it to be nailed to the church door and tears it up (114-115)
  • Hale pleads with Elizabeth to convince him to sign the testimony again but she says he has 'goodness now, God forbid I take it from him' (116)
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