Elizabeth I


Elizabeth I

Problems when ascending the throne:

  • Elizabeth I was Protestant but England was Catholic - the country would once again need to be converted.
  • Mary I didn't give female rulers a very good representation (she burnt Protestants at the stake).
  • Catholics in the North claimed she was illegitimate because her mother - Anne Boleyn - was executed.
  • Mary Queen of Scots was a popular replacement for Elizabeth.

The Middle Way:

Elizabeth has very tolerant towards Catholics and Protestants. No one was burnt at the stake or persecuted. She:

  • Introduced a new prayer book that wouldn't offend Catholics too much.
  • Became Sumpreme Govenor of the Church of England. She guided - not controled.
  • Made sure wording on religious ceremonies was vague.
  • Allowed Catholics to worship openly as long as the still attend Church regularly.

In theory, everyone should have been happy with this approach to religion, as everyone was allowed to do what they wanted. However, both sides were angry


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