Medicine Timeline

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Timeline 1848 - 1948: 


  • Chloroform first used and invented by James Simpson

  • -Problems-: Dosage could not be controlled and patients died from heart problems


  • 1st public health act 

  • The government didn’t force local authorities to act. The act of public health was NOT compulsory

  • Star of Cholera Epidemic

  • 15 year old hannah greener died from an overdosage of chloroform during a toenail removal


  • End of Cholera epidemic 

  • Elizabeth Blackwell became the first women in America to earn the M.D. degree.


  • Queen victoria popularised chloroform in childbirth of her 8th child

  • Chloroform Inhaler invented by Dr John Snow to control dosage, reducing number of deaths from heart problems

  • Opposition: some believe God wants us to feel pain, especially in childbirth, people didn't trust new ideas as they don't know all the effects of it

  • Vaccinations against smallpox made compulsory 


  • John snow’s work

  • He blames dirty water for Cholera

  • Start of the Crimean war 

  • Florence Nightingale goes to Scutari - november 


  • Nuisance removal act - stopped overcrowding in house


  • The great stink

  • Goverment enlists Bazalgette


  • Elizabeth Blackwell was registered as the first female doctor after qualifying in the US 

  • Notes for nursing was published by florence nightingale 


  • Nightingale training school for nurses opened 

  • Elizabeth Garrett trained as a nurse and gave lectures to trainee doctors at Middlesex hospital.

  • Male students at Middlesex hospital protested Garrett shouldn't be able to give lectures.

  • British Medical Association changed rules saying only university graduates could become doctors.


  • Pasteur’s germ theory was published


  • Factory act - improved factory conditions 


  • Cholera epidemic 


  • Bazalgette’s Sewers finished 

  • Sanitary act - local councils responsible for sewafe, water,




A chronology of medicine is a historical overview of key events and achievements in the development of medical science and practice. The most interesting period was the nineteenth century: Significant medical breakthroughs were made during this time. Antiseptic methods were developed, many drugs such as Ritalin were developed, many infectious diseases were discovered, and drugs such as antibiotics were investigated.