Early Modern British Crime and Punishment


An increase in poverty led to an increase of beggars on the streets.

People who did this for long periodsof time became known as Stordy Beggars, and they came up with ways of scamming money out of the general public.

Bristlers - Someone who would use loaded dice to run a gambing scam.

Counterfeit Crank - A beggar who would pretend to have violent fits in order to gain sympathy and money from passers by.

Baretop Trickster - A woman who would flash herself at a man to try and lure him to a place where he would be beaten up and robbed.

Pirggers/prancers - Someone who stole horses.

Ruffler - Usually ex-military men who beat up people for money.

Henry VII - Treat beggars as petty


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