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Electronegativity is the power of an atomm to attract the electron density in a covalent bond towards itself.

If one atom i better at attracting electrons than the other.It is said to be electronegative.

Electronegativity s measured usig the pauling scale.It runs from 0 to 4

Electronegativity depends on

The nuclear charge

the distance from nucleus


 the smaller the  atom the closer the nucleus is to the outer msot electron.

The larger the charge the graeter the elctronegativity.

Trends in electronegativty 

  • Up a group:electronegativity increases as the atom gets smaller.There is less shielding by inner electrons
  • Across a period:electronegativity increases .The nuclear charge increases ,shielding stays the same and atoms becom smaller.

Polarity in covalent bonds 

polarity:unequal sharing of…


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