Dyeing and Printing

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  • if fabric is dyed, it will be soaked all the way through whereas if a fabric is printed, it will only appear on the surface
  • there are different dyes for different fibres;
    DIRECT DYE - cellulose (H20 meaning its dissolvable in water)
    REACTIVE DYE - cellulose and protein fibres (H20, requires stronger/darker dyes)
    VAT DYE - cellulose (indigo is reactive to light)
    DISPERSE DYE - is for synthetics as it's better known as transfer print, the dry method
    ACID DYE - for protein fibres (H20)
  • there are three steps for dyeing; 1. immerse dye into material; 2. dye attaches itself to the fibre; 3. fixing dye within the fibre
  • fabrics need to have fastness to bleaching, dry cleaning, washing, light, perspiration and rubbing
  • Loomstate or Greige cloth means its not ready to accept colour yet


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