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  • also known as non-contact, the kind found in many homes
  • produces low cost, high quality text and graphics in colour by combining ayan, magenta, yellow and black
  • in a cost-concious industry, their economy is a distinct advantage over more expensive laser printers
  • uses thermal technology to produce heated bubbles of ink that burst and spray ink over paper to form an image
  • a vacuum draws in a fresh supply of ink again and again
  • Bubble Net is the trade name for Canon printers
  • however cartidges need changing frequently which increases costs
  • there can be an increased costs per page due to high quality demands
  • images can bleed if cheaper absorbent paper is used


  • uses the same technology as copying machines but with price tages




Inkjet printers are the best printer. I am using the hp printer for 5 years in my office. For my children, I bought this hp printer, The reason I bought it is because it could print in multicolors and we can connect it to many computers.