Developmental Psychology Main Studies.


Schaffer and Emerson 1964- 4 out of 10 infants formed an attachment with the most responsive person, not the food giver.

Harlow 1958- monkeys attached to the cloth mother rather than the food/wire mother.

Lorenz- imprinting in animals.

Tronick et al 1992- infants in African tribe still had one primary attachment, universal=evolved.

Hazan and Shaver 1987- attachment type predicts future relationships (internal working model).

Schaffer and Emerson 1964- showed infants have multiple attachments, not monotropy.

Hodges and Tizard 1989-  chidren adopted at age 4 formed attachment with their new family, which dissproves critical period of <3.

Ainsworth 1970-created Strange Situation.



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