Which studies belong to which approach

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  • Which studies belong to which approach
    • Cognitive Psychology
      • Loftus and Palmer study of eye witness testimony
      • Baron-Cohen et al Study of Autism in Adults
      • Savage-Rumbaugh et al study of language acquisition in Pigmy Chimps
    • Developmental Psychology
      • Bandura study of development of aggression in children
      • Samual and Bryant study into childrens ability to conserve
      • Freud study of little Hans into phobias
    • Physiological Psychology
      • Demet and Kleitman study of Sleep and Dreaming
      • Sperry study of of split brain patients
      • Maguire et al study of taxi drivers brain
    • Social Psychology
      • Reicher and Haslam study between the relationship between prisoners and prison guards
      • Piliavin et al study of bystander behaviour
      • Milgram study of Dustructive Obedience
    • Psychology of Indavidual Differences
      • Rosehan study of accuracy of Psychiatric Diagnosis
      • Thigpen and Cleckley Study of Multiple Personality Disorder
      • Griffiths Study of Gambling Behavior


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