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A main assumption of the developmental approach is that cognitive, emotional and behavioural development is an ongoing process and that such changes result from an interaction of nature and nurture

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The main assumption of the individual differences perspective is that to understand the complexity of human behaviour and experiences it is necessary to study the differences between people rahter than those things that we all have in common, e.g. this approach largely focuses on things such as personality differences, and abnormality.

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The main assumption is that our behaviour is determined by the social environment and the roles we have in different situations. This influences us even when we are alone and affects how we relate to others around us. 

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This assumes our biology, especially neurobiology, affects our behaviour as many human behaviours have a physiological cause which may be genetically or environmentally altered. Psychologists should study the brain, nervous system and other biology systems e.g. hormones and chemicals acting on the brain to explain behaviour.

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The main assumption is that behaviour is determined by internal mental processes, such as memory, language, perception and thoughts and this influences how we behave.

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Psychodynamic- This assumes our behaviour is influences by drives and conflicts in our unconcious mind which we have no awareness of.

Behaviourist- This assumes our behaviour is learnt mainly through interaction with the environment after we are born. Reinforcement of behaviour is important in the way we behave.

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