Descartes Ontological Argument

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Descartes' Ontological Argument.
In meditations three and five of his 'Meditations in Philosophy' Descartes wrote about the existence of God. Meditation five presents us with a version of the ontological argument.


- Third Meditation= God has placed in every person the idea of God. He linked this to a trademark or stamp that identifies an object as belonging to a 'craftsman' {company logo}
-Some things cannot be doubted, such as the truths of mathmatics. Descartes argues that Gods truth of existence is equivalent to the truths of mathmatics. 
- Demonstrating God's existnece is not about proving the idea of God true or that it is more than an intuiton; it is about showing there is no reason to doubt God's existence. 


- Descartes uses traingles as an example to show his conclusion of never having reason to doubt God's existence. The nature of a triangle is that it has three sides and three interiror angles all which add up to 180 degrees
- The nature of the triangle is immutable {incapable of change}
-Secondly, triangles are…


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Why is there nothing on Descarte's Cogito?

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