Defining Crime and Deviance

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Defining Crime and Deviance

Every institution  contributes to social control, stability and order to prevent crime and deviance:

  • Family - socialises you into the norms and values of society.
  • Education- hidden curriculum socialises you into accepting conformity.
  • Political System-controls us through legislation.
  • Workplace-controls us through a code of conduct.
  • Media-socialises is into accepting how to behave (by promoting positive role models) and how not to behave (by demonising negative role models).
  • Religion-socialises us by promoting strong morals and values.

Crime and Deviance can come in a variety of forms:

  • Private-e.g. domestic violence.
  • Public-e.g. 11pm assault.
  • Individual-e.g. taking drugs.
  • Collective-e.g. fox hunting.
  • Extreme-e.g. murder.
  • Trivial-e.g. leaving gum under the desk at school.

What is regarded as Crime or Deviance varies widely from time, culture and place:

  • Glasgow-not allowed to be drunk in possession of a cow.
  • Afghanistan-not allowed to carry a paper bag.
  • Halifax, Canada-not allowed to wear scented body products.
  • U.K-not allowed to dance in the pub.
  • U.K-man is allowed to


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