Crimme and deviance basics

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  • Crime and deviance 2.1
    • Defining crime and deviance
      • Crime - A legal wrong that can be followed by criminal proceedings
      • Deviance - Behaviour which does not follow the norms and values of society and is therefore disapproved
        • The opposite of this is conformity to the norms of a society
      • Due to the cultural diversity in the UK, deviance may vary within societies
      • Some crimes require a certain context to become crimes
    • The social construction of crime
      • Crime and deviance are both socially constructed which means they are created and defined by society
      • It is also relative so will vary depending on time, society and circumstance
    • Social control and social order
      • Social order - general conformity to the value consensus of society
      • Social control - the processes by which people are persuaded to obey the rules of society
      • Formal social control - carried out by the armed forces and the criminal justice system
      • Informal social control - carried out by the education system, the family and the media
    • Measuring crime
      • The official crime statistics include statistics produced from police, court and prison records, as well as data from the crime survey for England and Wales
      • Police recorded crime statistics - all police recorded crime in England and wales
      • The Dark Figure of Crime - Crime that is not recognised, reported or recorded
      • Victim survey - Involves surveying what crimes people have been a victim of in a period time
      • The Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) - Is a victim survey with structured interviews
      • Self-report studies - Like victim surveys for offenders


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