Dealing With Offending Behaviour: Anger Management 

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  • Dealing With Offending Behaviour: Anger Management
    • Cognition triggers emotions that trigger aggression
      • Becoming angry is reinforced by the feeling of power
    • CBT
      • Individual is taught to recognise the cognitive factors that trigger their anger and loss of control
      • Develop techniques that bring about conflict resolution without violence
    • Stage 1: Cognitive Preparation
      • Reflect on past experience
      • Identify trigger to anger and learn new interpretations that aren't irrational
    • Stage 2: Skill Acquisition
      • Introduced to techniques to deal with anger
      • Learn skills to help them deal with anger
      • Techniques include:
        • Cognitive: positive self-talk to promote calmness
        • Behavioural: assertivenesstraining to communicate more effectively
    • Stage 3: Application Practice
      • Given the opportunity to practice skills in monitored environments
      • Role play
        • Re-enacting scenarios
        • Success is rewarded with positive reinforcement
    • Positive outcomes with young offenders
      • Keen studied young offenders between 17 and 21 who took part in anger management programmes
      • Course consisted of 8 2-hour sessions
      • Issues with offenders 'forgetting' their diaries and not taking it seriously
      • Offenders generally became more aware of their anger and capacity for self-control


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