Anger Management

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  • Anger Management
    • Anger management programmes = a form of CBT
      • Want to change the way the offender thinks and therefore the way they act
    • 3 stages in anger management:1) Cognitive preparation - reflecting on past behaviour, taught to recognise triggers and therapist changes situations to non-threatening 2) Skill acquisition - taught skills and techniques to avoid triggers and deal with anger rationally 3) Application practice - Practice skills through role play, therapist will provoke them and positive reinforcement occurs
    • Ireland (2000) - investigated whether anger management works
      • Natural experiment that compared a group of 50 prisoners who'd completed the program and a group of 37 who were suitable for it but hadn't taken the course.
        • Prisoners who'd completed the program rated themselves as lower on the anger questionnaire and officers rated them lower than the control group. 92% showed improvements on at least one measure of anger and aggression
          • In the short term was effective, but there is no re-offending data
    • recognises the complexity of offending behaviour between social and psychological factors. stage 1 = cognitive, stage 2 = behavioural, stage 3 = social
    • More likely to lead to permanent changes because It leads to changes in thoughts and behaviours.
    • Expensive, time consuming + requires specialist training
    • Lack of re-offending data means we don't know if the effects last.


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