David Humes

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David Humes:

  • Athiest
  • Philosopher

He argues:

  • He doesn't quite say miracles are nonsense and never happen, he starts by defining what a miracle is.

'A breach of the law of nature brought about by deity (God) or some other invisible agent'

  • He then goes to argue why its impossible of a miracle happening and why he rejects them.
  • His main argument is that laws of nature are fixed, they don't change, really unlikely and there could be other explanations.
  • People that claim that a miracle has happened the testomonies of people cannot be trusted.
  • If someone tells you they have just experienced a miracle, then you have the choice of whether to believe there has been a violation of the laws of nature and a miracle has happened or the miracle didn't happen and the person is mistaken.
  • For Humes the most likely explanation would be that the person is mistaken that a miracle did not occur because in his view the laws of nature have been constant for many centuries.
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