1. Curitiba


Curitiba, Brazil

3 million people. 99% happy with their city. A city in a developing country with better quality of life than much of the third world. One man and an idea: prioritisn people over cars.

Jamie Lerner, mayor of the city 1971 for 22 years. Retired in 2002.

  • paved the street and closing it to traffic creating the first pedestrain mall. 'Street of flowers' has since spread to span 15 blocks. 
  • mobility, sustainability, identity.
  • by 1970s population had grown neartly 10 fold in 15 years. LOTS OF CARS! Public transport was the solution, but very poor city. So how?
  • Simplicity
  • Main traffic paths: in, out, and central for two way traffic and bus only lanes to speed passengers in and out of the centre. 25, 000 a day…


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