Adams Poachers and Sportsmen

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  • Adams: sportsman shot, poachers pot
    • Roosevelt
      • 1888 founded the Boone and Crockett Club after no game in Dakota.
        • Game needed managing! Working on preservation and conservation despite being a great hunter and responsible for thousands of animals deaths.
          • Hunting began to be realised as a threat to nature rather than a part of the solution to conservation.
    • Europeans created a great industry of hunting
      • safaris
      • film and photographs got people interested at home too. This was a positive development as fewer animals 'needed to be killed' as people could view them from afar.
        • 'there was already a transition from bullets to film as a strategy for the capture of trophies.'
          • Safaris increasingly became associated with a viewing rather than shooting More humanitarian.
    • Hunting and exclusion
      • space was partitioned
      • hunting rights designated to those with lisences
      • parks seen as belonging to the colonial royalty: The Queen's Field in Kenya.
        • Exclusive to a social elite. The pleasure grounds of the aristocratic elite
          • Neumann 1995 and Mackenzie 1987
        • Buxton: conservation was the responsibility of the empire: 'the nation has "pegged out claims" and must bear charges.'
          • The traditional balance of ill-armoured indigenous hunters and abundant populations of prey had been upset by colonialism --> colonialists responsibility to fix it.
    • Sport hunting was acceptable, but hunting for trade was not. --> cruel with no clean kill, inhumane.
      • Natives: hunting for subsistence: became known as poachers. Poachers transgressed the moral code AND destroyed game stocks (despite the fact that Eurpeans were largely responsible.With the acquisition of guns, native kill had increased).
    • Hunting as a conservation strategy
      • Hunting began to be realised as a threat to nature rather than a part of the solution to conservation.
      • 1980s new idea that conservation should be community based. Mainly in SA schemes where hunters had to pay to hunt. The profit from this was invested back into the community, the poor and rural areas.
        • This only worked in a few instances where there were remaining plentiful populations of desirable species.


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