Criticisms of the Irenaean & Augustinian Theodicies


Criticisms of the Irenaean Theodicy

  • Suffering should never be the instrument of an omni-benevolent God
  • The possibility of future reward in the form of spiritual perfection doesn't make up for the immense suffering endured by millions 
  • Suffering isn't evenly spread throughout the world, this suggest inconsistency with God's mechanism of perfection
  • How is good moral behaviour encouraged on earth if even Hitler will achieve moral perfection in the end?
  • Doesn't this compromise one of the central tenets of most belief systems, is eternal salvation not contingent upon behaving morally on Earth?
  • The central Christian belief of needing atonement through Christ is compromised by the concept of soul-making
  • Has been called a 'soul-breaking' rather than a 'soul-making' theodicy due to the intensity of the suffering felt

Criticisms of the Augustinian Theodicy

Logical Problems

  • Perfection is immutable, it cannot change, a perfect creation will always be perfect
  • Due…


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