The Problem of Evil and Suffering January 2011 essay

This is Just a essay of the problem of evil and suffering from the january 2011 paper x Hope it helps

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January 2011 Essay Question
: `God cannot abolish evil, or he will not; If He cannot, then he is
not all powerful; if he will not, then he is not all good'. Examine
this claim. Give an account of one solution to the problem of
This refers to the inconsistent triad which is what Augustine
came up with. This presents Christians with a problem. Should
they drop one of Gods characteristics so that his existence is
compatible with the existence of evil?
The problem of evil challenges the notion of an all loving and all
powerful God. If God was all omnipotent then he is able to stop
evil and he could have made a world free of evil. If God is
omniscient then he is aware of everything happening in the
world plus he must know how to stop evil. Lastly if God is all
Omni-benevolent then he would wish to stop evil from happing
to his creation that he loves. So God must not be omnipotent
or Omni- benevolent moreover God must not exist. The
inconsistent triad gives us two of Gods characteristics. These
two characteristics cannot be true as evil still exists. God can
only posses one of these characteristics or he does not exist at
all as he can't be all loving and all powerful and still allow the
existence of evil in his world that he made. Darwin's experience
brought him face to face with the daily pain and suffering of
animals. He suggests along with other philosophers that the
sheer amount of evil in the world weights against there being a
God who is all powerful and good. God allows such
extraordinary things like earthquakes and moral acts to happen
in the world that it leaves us with two hypotheses. One is that
there is a powerful and all loving God that created a good
world. Or there is no such thing as a God.

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One solution to the problem of evil is the Irenaean theodicy.
Irenaean suggests that God is partly responsible for evil but is
the means in which we as humans can grow and develop. He
put forward that we have two stages of creation. The first
stage is that `man' was created an immature being that had to
grow and develop over time.…read more

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Strengths of his theodicy would be that his theodicy is based
on some bits in the bible and it does not contradict any
scriptures. He says that evil was not originally part of God's
creation which gives us the thought that God did not plan to
have evil in the world so he must be an all loving God. As In the
bible it says "God saw all that he had made, and it was very
good".…read more


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