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January 2011 Essay Question

: `God cannot abolish evil, or he will not; If He cannot, then he is
not all powerful; if he will not, then he is not all good'. Examine
this claim. Give an account of one solution to the problem of

This refers to the…

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One solution to the problem of evil is the Irenaean theodicy.
Irenaean suggests that God is partly responsible for evil but is
the means in which we as humans can grow and develop. He
put forward that we have two stages of creation. The first
stage is that `man' was…

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Strengths of his theodicy would be that his theodicy is based
on some bits in the bible and it does not contradict any
scriptures. He says that evil was not originally part of God's
creation which gives us the thought that God did not plan to
have evil in the…


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