The Irenaean theodicy successfully resolves the problem of evil



- Irenaeus was a 2nd Century Christian philosopher from Africa

- He developed his own way of justifying the existence of an omnipotent, all-loving God in the     light of all the evil in the world, this was known as a theodicy, coming from the greek words     'theos' for God and 'dike' for justice

- Despite not being the official Catholic theodicy, Ireneaus' theodicy is now regarded as more     modern, this makes it perhaps the theodicy most likely to succesfully justify the existence     of God

It is succesful in resolving the problem of evil

  • The Irenaean theodicy gives humanity's suffering a purpose, instead of meaningless suffering until death, people are steadily developing themselves from God's image into his likeness
  • As opposed to the Augustinian theodicy, the Irenaean theodicy is compatible with the scientific theory of evolution, showing humanity developing slowly over time in order to develop fellowship with God
  • The Irenaean theodicy allows respect for free-will, in a


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