Cousin Kate by Rossetti

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  • narrator not named- embarrassed- feels worthless- how society views her- happened to a lot of women- can't be singled out
  • first person narrative- bias- only her side of the story- increased empathy- emotive
  • negative opening- doubtful/regret- indicative of hardship
  • country- simplicity- work- youth- innocence
  • childhood- natural imagery- innocent
  • questions- uncertainty
  • 'lord', 'he'- important- high status- all she's ever called him- not emotive- no name means not special- demoted pronoun
  • message- teaching audience not to be fooled
  • active verbs- dominant- possessive- remorse
  • 'plaything'- sees herself- insignificant
  • 'wore'- sexual- intimate
  • 'knot'- together- not forever- easily undone- not useful
  • lord and narrator in relationship- secret…




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