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Key Facts
· She's a school teacher
· She's head of the family
· She's the only one earning a wage
· She's the eldest
· She's overbearing
· She's a devout Catholic…read more

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· Controlling
· Self-righteous
· Paranoid
· Caring in her own way
· Established herself as the head of the family
· Comes across as annoying…read more

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Significance of Kate
· Kate is the one sister who is earning a wage and so could be
considered as the mother of the family. Her personality reflects
her profession (a school teacher) in the sense that she appears
to be very cautious, yet specific in the way in which she present
herself and the rest of her family.
· "Go and wash your face Maggie. And for goodness sake tie those
· The fact that Kate is talking to one of her sisters as if its her child
shows her role in the family ­ she is the eldest and so feels she
should live up to it.…read more

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"Look at yourselves will you! Just look at yourselves! Dancing
at our time of day? That's for young people with no duties and
no responsibilities and nothing in their heads but pleasure"
· Kate is very against dancing and the Festival of Lughnasa and
so tries to discourage her sisters from participating ­ her
views of the activity are that it's a child-like event; the
audience could consider this as Kate's embarrassment of
appearing immature or very contradictory to the rest of her
personality.…read more

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"I must put my trust in God, Maggie, mustn't I?"
· Kate uses religious references often ­ links to why she doesn't
agree with the dancing; the church disapproves of it,
therefore Kate does too.…read more


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