Cousin Kate

The narrator is not named and she feels worthless or embarrassed about how the society views her. This has happened to a lot of women therefore she cannot be singled out.

The poem is a first person narrative. It is a biased poem because it is only the narrator’s side of the story. There is increased empathy and emotive throughout the poem.

The opening is negative because it shows how regretful and doubtful the narrator was. It is indicative of hardship.

The narrator was youthful, simple and innocent which does resemble the connotations of countryside.

A childhood does have natural imagery and innocence attached to it.

The questions are uncertain

The word lord suggests that he is an important person therefore he is from a high status. This is all that the narrator calls him either my lord or the lord. This is not emotive. If a person has no name then they are not considered as important. This is a demoted pronoun.

The message is reaching the audience and that they should not be fooled.

There are active verbs such as dominant, remorse and possessive

The narrator sees herself as a plaything therefore she feels that she is insignificant

The word wore suggests sexual and intimate

The word knot suggests together but not forever. It is not easily done therefore it is not useful.

The lord and the narrator was in a relationship. This would have been condemned. They produced a son out of the wedlock. The narrator sees her son as her shame and pride. 

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