Contenders for the Power Struggle

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  • revoluntionary record played a key role in 1095 and 1917, Head of the Red Army, key role in Civil war and good public speaker
  • Relationship with Leniin- was once a Menshevik but become very close to Lenin, Lenin said there was no better communist
  • In Lenins testment praised as being a noble man but also aself confident
  • Trotsky was in the Politburo but lacked a strong hold in the party
  • In government was a member of the sovnarkom and Head of the Red Army which prompted fear, turned down the position of Chair of Sovnarkom


  • In the October Revoluntion was a committe member
  • refused to accept Trotsky authority in the civil war
  • member back in 1902
  • lenin relied on Stalins administrative ability and Stalin


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