Commercialism USA

USA Commercialisation

Sport is a commodity in the USA.

As the USA is a capitalist society, sport is an area to make money out of. The American dream also drives people to try to make wealth from sport.

Unlike in the UK, capitalism is present in all forms of sport from high school, to the professional game.

Due to the USA's professional ethics, they have been able to sell sport as a commodity since the early C20. This has allowed for commercialisation since that period. It was only in the late C20 that the UK started using commercialisation, and this may be due to the amateur ethics present in UK sport.

Factors Leading to competitive ethic

  • Capitalism: Social and economic system where the individual has control of their wealth and choices. This allows the American dream to be possible.
  • Opportunity: With the USA being the land of opportunity, people believe they can make it to the top if they put the effort in.
  • Frontier Spirit: The resilience, determination and survival ethic present in the frontier settlers is a tradition that is shown in the win at all costs ethic present in American sport. This spirit is also kept going by the cult of manliness.
  • Freedom: The land of the free allows anyone to choose their destiny, therefore allowing people to pursue a future in professional sport. This is also…


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